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The Review of the Pre-Raphaelite Society, Volumes I–III

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Vol.III, No.3, Autumn 1995:

  1. “The Life of James Collinson (1825–1881)” by Valerie A. Cox.
  2. “John Brett and Christina Rossetti: An Assessment” by Mike Hickox.
  3. “Christina and Gabriele Rossetti.” A letter from Henry Campbell.

Vol.III, No.2, Summer 1995:

  1. “Sir John Tenniel and the Pre-Raphaelites” by Gill Stoker.
  2. Called at the Rossetti’s”, ed. by Barry C. Johnson. Part II: September 1903–February 1919. Concluded.

Vol.III, No.1, Spring 1995:

  1. “John Brett’s The Stonebreaker” by Mike Hickox.
  2. “The Royal Academy’s Rejection of Brett’s Florence” by Mike Hickox.
  3. “The Rossetti Ladies: Mrs. Imogen Dennis, 1904–1993” by Helen Guglielmini and Barry C. Johnson; and “Lucy Margaret O’Conor (nee Rossetti), 1906–1994” by Roderic O'Conor. Obituaries.
  4. “A Visit to Stuttgart’s Staatsgalerie” by Joyce Lambert.
Autumn 94 cover

Vol.II, No.3, Autumn 1994:

  1. “Christina Rossetti: A Personal Choice (of her poetry)” by June E. Taylor.
  2. “A Pre-Raphaelite Book List” compiled by Patricia A. O’Connor.
  3. Windycroft: An Arts and Crafts House”. History by Victoria Williams; Description by Barry C. Johnson. Windycroft is in Hastings.
  4. A Vision rather than a Dream” by Paul Hardwick. Part 2. Concludes this paper.

Vol. II, No.2, Summer 1994:

  1. Vision rather than a Dream: The Progressive Medievalism of William Morris” by Paul Hardwick. Part 1.
  2. “A Debt to Discipline” by June E. Taylor. On Ruskin’s youth.
  3. “Her Obedient Bapapa” by June E. Taylor. On Burne-Jones and his granddaughter, Angela Thirkell.
Spring 94 cover

Vol.II, No.1, Spring 1994. “Special Rossetti Issue”:

  1. “Pre-Raphaelite Pleasures: The Search for the Real Rossetti” by Alicia Craig Faxon.
  2. “The Craft of a Painter-Poet: A Critical Survey of Rossetti’s Form and Technique” by Isabelle Williams. On “the correspondence between Rossetti’s painting and poetry.”
  3. “Called at the Rossettis’: Unpublished passages from the Diary of their friend, Olive Garnett, 1899–1919.” With notes and an introduction by Barry C. Johnson. Part 1: July 1899–June 1903.

Vol.I, No.3, Autumn 1993:

  1. “William Fulford: A Biographical Sketch” by Roger Simpson. Believed to be the fullest account of this Pre-Raphaelite poet.
  2. “Ruskin and Art Education: 1836–1992” by Stephen Farthing. This paper deals mainly with the Ruskin School of Drawing at Oxford, of which its author was Master.
  3. “Diana Holman Hunt: 1913–1993”. An obituary, with a survey of her writings, by Barry C. Johnson.

Vol.I, No.2, Summer 1993:

  1. “The Pre-Raphaelite Connection with Penkill” by Audrey Hickey. Contains considerable information about William Bell Scott and Alice Boyd.
  2. “Thomas and Martha Combe: Patrons of the Pre-Raphaelites” by John Whiteley. Mainly biographical.
Spring 93 cover

Vol.I, No.1, Spring 1993:

  1. “Day Dream” by Julia Ionides. This paper recounts the history of “one of Rossetti’s last major oil paintings”.
  2. “Pre-Raphaelites and Associates in Canadian Public Collections” by Dennis T. Lanigan. Twelve galleries and museums are listed in this article.

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