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The Review of the Pre-Raphaelite Society, Volumes IV–VI

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Summer and Autumn 98 back cover

Edward Burne-Jones: 1833–1898. (Vol.VI, Nos. 2 & 3, Summer & Autumn 1998):

This publication has both inside and outside covers in full colour.

  1. “Edward Burne-Jones: An Address given at the Service of Commemoration in Birmingham Cathedral, 19th June 1998” by John Christian.
  2. “Obituaries of Edward Burne-Jones”. From The Times for 22 & 23 June 1898. Accompanied by Swinburne’s Memorial Poem.
  3. “The vision of Woman in The Golden Stairs” by Mary Gilhooly.
  4. “Burne-Jones and the Design of the Holy Grail Tapestry Series” by Donato Esposito.
  5. “Miss Wilkes’ Windows” by Joe Hunt. Emma Chadwick Villiers Wilkes was the wealthy Birmingham lady who in 1886 commissioned the Burne-Jones windows for the Cathedral. This paper prints correspondence (in private hands) and is essentially a history of the design and construction of the windows.
  6. “Living with the Burne-Jones Glass in Birmingham Cathedral” by the Provost, The Very Revd. Peter Berry.
  7. “A Reader’s Guide to Burne-Jones" by Ann S. Dean. A descriptive bibliography.
  8. “Edward Burne-Jones: A Chronology” by Roy Hartnell.

Vol.VI, No.1, Spring 1998:

  1. “Sexual Taboos, Catholic Views and Critical Reviews: The Unspoken Words about two Pre-Raphaelite Paintings” by Thomas J. Tobin. This paper considers contemporary critical reaction to Rossetti’s Girlhood of Mary Virgin and Hunt’s Awakening Conscience.”
  2. “John Brett’s Lady with a Dove” by Mike Hickox. The writer says that this painting of 1864 “is the most enigmatic of all John Brett’s pictures.”
  3. “Cliffe Castle Museum, Keighley” by Paul Hardwick.
  4. “Restoration at Buscot Park” by June E. Taylor. Based on a report in The Times for 13 April 1998. Buscot houses Burne-Jones’s Briar Rose series.

Vol.V, No.3, Autumn 1997:

  1. “William Holman Hunt: From Art to Literature” by Gill Stoker. Deals mainly with the influence of Hunt’s reading on his work as an artist.
  2. “Note of a Swinburne Biographer on the Algernon Crusade” by Ricky Rooksby. A survey of previous biographies of Swinburne, with remarks by Rooksby about his own approach to Swinburne’s life.

Vol.V, No.2, Summer 1997:

  1. “The Mystery of the Three Stonebreakers” by Mike Hickox. Supplements the paper which appears in the issue for Spring 1995.
  2. “The Pre-Raphaelites in Ireland" by Philip McEvansoneya. Concerns both Pre-Raphaelite work and artists in Ireland.
  3. “In search of the Background to Millais’ Ophelia” by Barbara C.L. Webb. “Background”, in this sense, means the actual scene of the painting.

Vol.V, No.1, Spring 1997:

  1. “The Perseus’ Cartoons" by Dean Horton. This concerns the unfinished work which A.J. Balfour commissioned from Burne-Jones in 1875.
  2. “William Fulford Revisited” by Roger Simpson. This supplements the paper which appears in The Review for Autumn 1993.
  3. “Christina Rossetti and Blackwoods by Jan Marsh.
Autumn 96 cover

Vol.IV, No.3, Autumn 1996:

  1. “The Works of James Collinson (1825–1881)” by Valerie A. Cox. A companion paper to the one which appears in the issue for Autumn 1995.
  2. “William Morris Revisited: Questioning the Legacy” The author, Jennifer Harris, was Curator of the exhibition with this title.
  3. “The Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Bournemouth” by Mark Bills.

Vol.IV, No.2, Summer 1996:

  1. “Leighton and the Pre-Raphaelites” by Leonee Ormond.
  2. “From Word to Icon: The Advent of Visuality” by Thomas J. Tobin. Deals largely with the contemporary critical reaction to the P.R.B.’s work.
  3. “Tullie House Art Gallery, Carlisle” by Judith Stevenson.
Spring 96 cover

Vol.IV, No.1, Spring 1996:

  1. “Re-thinking the Legend: Georgiana Burne-Jones and William Morris” by Isabelle Williams.
  2. “John Brett’s Portraits” by Mike Hickox.
  3. “More Light on the Royal Academy’s Rejection of Brett’s Florence” by Philip McEvansoneya.

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