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The Review of the Pre-Raphaelite Society, Volumes XIX–XXI

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Autumn 2013 cover


A Souvenir Issue to celebrate 25 years of the Pre‑Raphaelite Society

Vol. XXI, No. 3, Autumn 2013

  1. “Rossetti’s Women in the Victorian Novel” by Sophia Andres.
  2. “Rossetti and the Spirit World” by J. B. Bullen.
  3. “The Replication of Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Beata Beatrix – Demand and Desire” by Margaretta S. Frederick.
  4. “Suffer and be Still: A New Look at Rossetti’s Menagerie” by Jo George.
  5. “Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Science” by John Holmes.
  6. “Rossetti’s Obsession” by Jan Marsh.
  7. “On Viewing Rossetti’s Self-Portrait” by Sarah Doyle.

Summer 2013 cover

Vol. XXI, No. 2, Summer 2013

  1. “‘A Dramatized Kind of Seeing’” by Deborah Freeman.
  2. “John Ruskin, Body and Soul” poem by Sarah Doyle.
  3. “Edward Burne‑Jones: The Occasional Soul” by Duncan Walker and Kirsty Stonell Walker.
  4. “Book Review A Pre‑Raphaelite Journey: The Art of Eleanor Fortescue‑Brickdale by Pamela Gerrish Nunn” by Verity Holloway.
  5. “Book Review Angels & Icons: Pre‑Raphaelite Stained Glass 1850–1870 by William Waters and Alastair Carew‑Cox” by Katja Robinson.
  6. “Sarah Eliza Hackett: Fresh research places her as the model for the novice in Convent Thoughts” by Susan Haines.
  7. John Pickard Essay Prize Runner‑Up “Pastoral Paradise Pipedream?” by Allen Ashley.
  8. “Victorian Avant‑Garde: Revisting the Pre‑Raphaelite Brotherhood” by Claire E. McGuire.
  9. “If Paint Were Love” poem by Sarah Doyle.
  10. “A Christina Rossetti letter in the Samuel Looker archive” by Serena Trowbridge.
  11. Meeting Reports.
  12. Notes and Queries.

Spring 2013 cover

Vol. XXI, No. 1, Spring 2013

  1. “His Romancing Humour” by D.J. Snook.
  2. “Exhibition Report Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde, Tate Britain” by Serena Trowbridge.
  3. “Book Review Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde” by Katja Robinson.
  4. John Pickard Prize Winning Essay “Illustrating “Song”: Christina Rossetti and American Pre‑Raphaelite Edwin Austin Abbey” by Marianne Van Remoortel.
  5. “Book Review The Exhibitionists by Russell James” by Madeleine Pearce.
  6. “Emily Ford (1850-1930) and Her Font Paintings, All Souls’ Church, Leeds” by Janet Douglas.
  7. “Book Review Joanna, George and Henry: A Pre‑Raphaelite Tale of Art, Love and Friendship by Sue Bradbury” by Chloe Bradshaw.
  8. Pre‑Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize Winning Poems

    • First place: ‘This Serviceable Ghost’ by Deborah Harvey
    • Second place: ‘The Scapegoat’ by Janet Simon
    • Third place: ‘Evelyn and Aurora Triumphans’ by Camellia Stafford
    • Editor’s commendation: ‘Christina Responds Badly to Poetry Criticism’ by Emma Purshouse
    • Poet‑in‑Residence’s commendation: ‘Peacock and Dragon’ by Michael Sim.
  9. Pre‑Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize Announcement.
  10. Meeting and Visit Reports.
  11. Notes and Queries.

Autumn 2012 cover

Vol. XX, No. 3, Autumn 2012

  1. “Cultural Anxieties in Pre-Raphaelite “Significant” Vulgarisms” by Sophia Andres.
  2. “Book Review The Germ: Origins and Progenies of Pre-Raphaelite Interart Aesthetics by Paola Spinozzi and Elisa Bizzotto” by John Holmes.
  3. “Book Review The Collected Letters of Jane Morris edited by Jan Marsh and Frank C. Sharp” by Kirsty Stonell Walker.
  4. “Tragedy and the Peril of Words in Swinburne’s Atalanta in Calydon” by Alex Wong.
  5. “Exhibition Review Love and Death: Victorian Paintings from Tate” by Serena Trowbridge.
  6. “Romantic Image: Ireland’s Favourite Painting” by Marie Bourke.
  7. “Book Review John Everett Millais by Jason Rosenfeld” by Simon Cooke.
  8. Two Poems from Poet-In-Residence Sarah Doyle The Storm Spirits and How Pleasant to Know the Pre-Raphaelites.
  9. “Book Review Robin Ironside: Neo-Romantic Visionary by Peter Boughton, Virginia Ironside and Simon Martin“ by Simon Poë.
  10. “Book Review The Rossettis in Wonderland: A Victorian Family History by Dinah Roe” by Serena Trowbridge.
  11. Painting and Drawing Competition Announcement.
  12. Notes and Queries.

Summer 2012 cover

Vol. XX, No. 2, Summer 2012

  1. “Francesco Colonna ’ s Dream of Poliphilo and Edward Burne-Jones’s Love Among the Ruins: A paragone d’amore” by Liana De Girolami Cheney.
  2. Introducing the PRS Poet-in-Residence, Sarah Doyle.
  3. “A Sextet of Shadows” by Sarah Doyle.
  4. King Ahab ’ s Coveting by Thomas Matthews Rooke” by Duncan Walker.
  5. “Book Reviews An Artist’s Village: G.F. Watts and Mary Watts at Compton by Mark Bills; Watts Chapel: A Guide to the Symbols of Mary Watts’s Arts and Crafts Masterpiece by Mark Bills and Hope: The Life and Times of a Victorian Icon by Nicholas Tromans” by Nancy Langham.
  6. “Georgiana Burne-Jones: did marriage change her life?” by Katie Ryde.
  7. Meeting Reports.
  8. Notes and Queries.

Spring 2012 cover

Vol. XX, No. 1, Spring 2012

  1. “A Hidden Gem in Cumbria” by Margaret English.
  2. “A Rediscovered Edward Burne‑Jones Drawing” by Duncan Walker.
  3. The Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize Announcement.
  4. “Outsiders on the Inside: The Pre‑Raphaelites and the Mid-Victorian Gift Book” by Simon Cooke.
  5. The John Pickard Essay Prize Announcement.
  6. “Thomas Farrer and the Pre‑Raphaelite Movement in America” by Lawrence B. Siddall.
  7. “Book Reviews Aubrey Beardsley: a Biography by Matthew Sturgis & Aubrey Beardsley by Robert Ross” by Alexandra Tankard.
  8. “Book Review The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh” by Katja Robinson.
  9. Meeting Reports.

Autumn 2011 cover

Vol. XIX, No. 3, Autumn 2011

  1. “Two Recent Books on Whistler and Wilde Mr Whistler’s “Ten O Clock” and Recollections of Oscar Wilde by Charles Ricketts” by Nazia Parveen.
  2. Pre‑Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize Winners.
  3. “Book Review Writing the Pre‑Raphaelites: Text, Context, Subtext edited by Michaela Giebelhausen and Tim Barringer” by Cristina Pascu‑Tulbure.
  4. Pre‑Raphaelite Places of Interest.
  5. “Some Thoughts on Ruskin, Pater, Morris and Rossetti” by Lisa Dallape Matson.
  6. “Book Reviews Effie: A Victorian Scandal by Merryn Williams” by Charlotte Clark and Margaret English.
  7. “Pyramids and Leaves: Ruskin’s Artistic Discourse” by Cristina Pascu-Tulbure.
  8. “Book Review The Pocket Guide to Victorian Artists & their Models by Russell James” by Katja Robinson.
  9. Meeting Reports.
  10. “Book Review Re‑Presentations of Dante Gabriel Rossetti by Lisa Dallape Matson” by Serena Trowbridge.
  11. “Book Review G.F. Watts: Victorian Visionary by Mark Bills and Barbara Bryant” by Eleanor Beyer.

Summer 2011 cover

Vol. XIX, No. 2, Summer 2011

  1. The Blind Girl: Millais’s Spiritual Vision” by Jane Elia.
  2. “Book Review Rossetti: His Life and Works by Evelyn Waugh”, by Simon Poe.
  3. Runner-up essay for the John Pickard Prize – “Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Body and Soul” by George Brown.
  4. “Book Reviews The Pre-Raphaelites: A Critical Monologue Ford Madox Ford’s viewpoint; Desperate Romantics by Franny Moyle; Edward Burne-Jones – The Hidden Humorist by John Christian”, all by Eleanor Beyer.
  5. “Book Review Horae Amoris: The Collected Poems of Rosa Newmarch ed. by John Holmes and Natasha Distiller” by Serena Trowbridge.
  6. “Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Sudden Light” by Ian M. Emberson.
  7. Announcement of The John Pickard Essay Prize, 2012.
  8. “Exhibition Review: Photography and the Pre-Raphaelites staged at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris” by Nic Peeters.
  9. “Imagining the Geological Time: The Scapegoat by William Holman Hunt” by Alexis Drahos.
  10. “Book Review Acts of Memory: The Victorians and Beyond ed. By Ryan Barnett and Serena Trowbridge” by Lisa Dallape Matson.
  11. Meeting Reports.

Spring 2011 cover

Vol. XIX, No. 1, Spring 2011

  1. “Works and Days: A Pre-Raphaelite Photography” by Jorge L. Contreras – an occasional survey of Pre‑Raphaelite and Victorian works recently bought, sold and displayed.
  2. “Book Review A.C. Swinburne and the Singing Word, ed. Yisrael Levin” – by Cristina Pascu-Tulbure.
  3. Winning Essay for the John Pickard Essay Prize, 2009
  4. Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize Announcement.
  5. “Book Review Walter Crane: The Arts and Crafts, Painting and Politics, 1875-1890 by Morna O’Neill ” by Kirsty Walker.
  6. “A Work that Merits Mention: Mrs. Kendrick Pyne (1882), Southport’s Madox Brown” by Anna Maddison
  7. “Book Review Linley Sambourne: Illustrator and Punch Cartoonist by Leonee Ormond” by Margaret English
  8. “Obituary: Tessa Sidey” by Victoria Osborne
  9. “Book Review Pre-Raphaelite Drawing by Colin Cruise” by Margaret Hale

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