Secretary post for the Pre-Raphaelite Society

Sharon Peedell-Pandya will be standing down as Secretary at the forthcoming A.G.M. (27th October 2018).

The Society would like to hear from anyone who might be interested in taking on the role of Secretary from November 2018. The main duties are to attend the five committee meetings held in Birmingham each year, and also the A.G.M.; to circulate agendas for these meetings; and to prepare the Minutes of Committee meetings and the report of the A.G.M. The Secretary deals with internal and external correspondence; and there are also a few other administrative duties, including annual report filing with the Charity Commission. As one of the Society’s honorary officers, the Secretary has a free subscription, and expenses such as stationery and postage are reimbursed.

To make an enquiry or to discuss the duties more fully, please contact:

Patricia O’Connor by email:

Applications including curriculum vitae by email: