New Membership Subscription Rates from 1 January 2019

At the Annual General Meeting of the Pre-Raphaelite Society held on 27 October 2018, it was proposed and unanimously agreed, to increase annual membership subscriptions from 1 January 2019. The increase was felt necessary due to increased postal charges, publication production costs and general operating overheads. It has been five years since the last increase and we still believe that in comparison to similar societies, our membership rates offer very good value.

New Rates for 2019

Payment by Cheque/Cash/Paypal                Payment by Standing Order*

INDIVIDUAL               £19.00                         £17.00                                                

FAMILY                        £21.00                         £20.00

CONCESSION             £16.00                         £16.00

CORPORATE                £25.00

OVERSEAS: EU            £28.00 (€32)

OVERSEAS: NON EU    £31.00 ($45 US)


*Members who pay by UK Standing Order

If you currently pay your membership fees by standing order you will need to complete and forward a new standing order mandate (available to download below) to your bank at the earliest opportunity, to enable the new payment amount to be effective by 1 January 2019. Alternatively, if you have access to personal online banking, you will be able to amend the amount payable yourself.



Renewing 2019 membership by Cheque and Paypal

Members who wish to renew their 2019 membership by cheque can download the renewal form below.

Members who wish to renew via Paypal will have to wait until the new subscription fees come into force on 1 January 2019.

Any questions please contact the Membership Secretary at