Help with PDF files

What is a pdf file?

PDF (or pdf) means ‘portable document format’. Basically, PDF is a method of storing documents in a way that any computer can display them, without having to open them in a particular word processor, like Microsoft Word.

How do I recognise a pdf file?

Look for the letters ‘.pdf’ at the end of a file, for example “MembershipApplication.pdf”.

What is Adobe Reader?

Although you won’t need a word processor to view a pdf file, you’ll need some free software called Adobe Reader, produced by the software company, Adobe.

Where can I get Adobe Reader?

You can download Adobe Reader FREE from the Adobe website by clicking the button below. It’s a fairly large file (5Mb) and may take a while to download over a dial-up modem connection.


Why don’t you just provide your documents in Microsoft Word?

There are several reasons, but the main one is flexibility. A carefully formatted and indexed document in, say, Word for a Windows PC, will lose much, if not all, of its functionality when opened in an unsuitable word processing package on an Apple Macintosh – if it opens at all. With Acrobat, the usability and format of a document is maintained whatever sort of computer is used, and the download sizes are usually much smaller. Adobe Acrobat is the industry standard for creating and reading documents on the web.

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