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Volumes XXII–present

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Volume XXVII, Number 1, Spring 2019

1. Katja Robinsion: Editorial
John Pickard Essay Prize 2018 Winners
2. First Prize: ‘‘Der Tod als Freund’: Alfred Rethel, George Du Maurier and the Pre-Raphaelites’ by Antony Clayton.
3. Second Prize: ‘Representations of Victorian Womanhood in Waterhouse’s Lamia and La Belle Dame sans Merci‘ by Ester Díaz Morillo.
Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize 2018 Winners
4. First Prize: ‘The Rose of May’ by Nicola Warwick.
5. Second Prize: ‘The Web’ by Andria Cooke.
6. Third Prize: ‘The Improbable Pre-Raphaelite’ by Wendy Holborow.
Gallery Focus
7. McManus Galleries, Dundee, Scotland by Katja Robinson.
8. Exhibition Review: ‘Beyond Ophelia’ by Serena Trowbridge.
9. Exhibition Review: ‘The Enchanted Garden’ by Helen Robinson.
10. Exhibition & Catalogue Review: ‘Lowry & the Pre-Raphaelites’ by Mark Jones.
11. Book Review: ‘William Morris and his Palace of Art’ by Nic Peeters.
12. Book Review: ‘My Lady’s Soul’ Simon Cooke.
13. Book Review: Poetry in Pre-Raphaelite Paintings’ by Katherine Hinzman.
14. Book Review: ‘The Dante Chamber’ by Lisa Dallape Matson.
15. Book Review: ‘Whistler’s Mother’ by Stephen Maddison.
16.  Meeting Reports
17. Notes & Queries
18. Erratum

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Volume XXVI, Number 3, Autumn 2018
William Holman Hunt – Special Issue (30th Anniversary Edition)

1. Sally-Anne Huxtable: Editorial
2. Sally-Anne Huxtable: ‘An Effulgence of Light’: The Enduring Vision of William Holman Hunt.
3. Ayla Lepine: A Longing for Salvation and a Quest for Truth: William Holman Hunt’s Theological Pre-Raphaelitism.
4. Robert Wilkes: ‘My quondam friend of nearly half our lives’: Hunt’s relationship with F. G. Stephens.
5. Emily M. Holmes: Painting Without Preconception? Re-exploring William Holman Hunt’s Approach to Naturalistic Colouring of the 1840s.
6. Lynn Roberts: Holman Hunt’s Frames.
7. Judith Bronkhurst: The Afterglow: Holman Hunt’s Pictorial Legacy.
8. Sarah Doyle, Poem: ‘Cursed’
9. Meeting Reports
10. Notes and Queries

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Volume XXVI, Number 2, Summer 2018
  1. Sally-Anne Huxtable: Editorial
  2. Obituary: The Very Reverend Peter Austin Berry
  3. Mary Faraci: Burne-Jones Blue: The Stunning Pre-Raphaelite Hour in The Lord of the Rings.
  4. Sally-Anne Huxtable: Serious Humour in George Du Maurier’s World of Aesthetes, 1874-1884.
  5. Jennifer Reeve-Williams & Mark Williams : The Face Inside the Circle: Optical Illusion or Subtle Magic in Waterhouse’s Depiction of Sorcery.
  6. “Book Review: Frederick Walker and the Idyllists by Donato Esposito” by Simon Poë.
  7. “Book Review: Critics Coteries and Pre-Raphaelite Celebrity by Wendy Graham” by Robert Finnigan.
  8. “Book Review: Suffragist Artists in Partnership: Gender, Word and Image by Lucy Ella Rose” by Nic Peeters.
  9. “Exhibition Review: ‘A Pre-Raphaelite Collection Unveiled: The Cecil French Bequest’, Watts Gallery” by Katherine Hinzman.
  10. Meeting Reports
  11. Notes and Queries

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Volume XXVI, Number 1, Spring 2018
  1.  Sally-Anne Huxtable – Editorial
  2. John Pickard Essay Prize 2017 Winners – First Prize: ‘It is clear I am a heretic’: Edward Burne-Jones, Theology, and Artistic ‘Heresy’ by Katherine Hinzman.
  3. Second Prize: Pomegranates in Autumn: Ruminations on Rossetti’s Final Proserpine by Melissa L. Gustin.
  4. Third Prize: The drawings behind Pre-Raphaelite love and death by David Billingsley.
    Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize 2017 Winners –
  5. First Prize: ‘Bird of God’ by Susan Castillo.
  6. Second Prize: ‘Bells and Marigolds’ by Amanda Oosthuizen.
  7. Third Prize: ‘Two Faces of a Daughter’ by Frances Sackett.
  8. Vice President’s Commendation: ‘The poet on a pony’ by Eithne Cullen.
  9. Poet in Residence’s Commendation: ‘The Seeds and Fruits of English Poetry’ by Wendy Holborow.
  10. Sarah Doyle, poem: Threads.
  11. “Exhibition & Book Review: May Morris by Jenny Lister, Jan Marsh, Anna Mason, Rowan Bain, Hanne Faurby” by Nic Peeters.
  12. “Exhibition and Catalogue Review: Reflections: Van Eyck and the Pre-Raphaelites by Alison Smith with Caroline Burgler, Susan Foister and Anna Koopstra” by Mark Jones.
  13. “Exhibition and Book Review: Mystical Symbolism: the Salon de la Rose+Croix in Paris 1892-1897 by Vivien Greene with essays by Jean-David Jumeau-Lafond and Kenneth E Silver” by Simon Poë.
  14. “Exhibition Catalogue Review: Frederic William Burton: For the Love of Art by Marie Bourke (ed.)” by Amelia Yeates.
  15. “Book Review: John Ruskin’s Continental Tour 1835: The Written Record and Drawings Keith Hanley and Caroline S. Hull (eds)” by Lisa Dallape Matson.
  16. Notes and Queries.

PRS cover general
Volume XXV, Number 3, Autumn 2017
  1. Sally-Anne Huxtable – Editorial.

  2. “The Pre-Raphaelite O’Shaughnessy: A Portrait in Letters” by Roibeard Fionnagain.

  3. “Pre-Raphaelite Places: No.1, Brig o’Turk” by Peter Wise.
  4. Sarah Doyle, poem: Specchio di Mistero.
  5. “Book Review: Arts & Crafts in the Punjab and London, John Lockwood Kipling” by Madeleine Pearce.
  6. “Book Review: Damozels and Deities, Alistair Carew Cox” by Tim McGee.
  7. “Catalogue Review: Albert Moore: Of Beauty and Aesthetics, York Art Gallery” by Simon Poë.
  8. “Book Review: James Collinson (aka “The Dormouse”), Helen D. Newman” by Amelia Yeates.
  9. “Book Review: The Art of G.F. Watts, Nicolas Tromans” by Kirsty Stonell Walker.
  10. “Book Review: Modern Painters, Old Masters, Elizabeth Prettejohn” by Mark Jones.
  11. “Book Review: Work’s Forward Motion, Wendy Holborow” by Stephen G. Maddison.
  12. “Book Review: The Late Pre-Raphaelites and Where to Find Them, David Elliott and Patricia O’Connor” by Nic Peeters.
  13. Meeting Reports.

  14. Notes and Queries.

PRS cover general
Volume XXV, Number 2, Summer 2017

1. Sally-Anne Huxtable – Editorial.
2. “The Adoration of Kings: Mary & the Beggar Maid” by Katherine Hinzman.
3. “‘A Literal Transcript’? Ways of Reading Ford Madox Brown’s An English Autumn Afternoon” by Simon Cooke.
4. Sarah Doyle, Poem: “How They Met Themselves”.
5. “Catalogue Review Essay – Botticelli Reimagined, by Mark Evans & Stefan Weppelmann” by Mark Jones.
6. “Exhibition & Book Review –Flaming June: the Making of an Icon, ed. by Catherine Blake” by Simon Poë.
7. “Book Review: Arthur O’Shaughnessy, A Pre-Raphaelite Poet in the British Museum by Lisa Dallape Matson by Jordan Kistler.
8. “Book Review: Frank Dicksee 1853 – 1928: His Art and Life by Stephen G. Maddison” by Simon Toll.
9. “Book Review: The Diary of Mary Watts: 1887 – 1904, ed. Desna Greenhow” by Mark Jones.
10. “Book Review: Pre-Raphaelite and Romantic Painting from National Museums Liverpool, by Christopher Newall”, by Kirsty Stonell Walker.
11. “Book Review: Victorians Undone: Tales of Flesh in the Age of Decorum, by Kathryn Hughes” by Simon Cooke.
12. “Book Review: The Book & Periodical Illustrations of Arthur Hughes, by Maroussia Oakley” by Stephen G. Maddison.
13.  “Book Review: Pictures-within-Pictures in Nineteenth Century Britain, by Catherine Roach” by Mark Jones.
14. Meeting Reports.

PRS cover general
Vol. XXV, No. 1, Spring 2017

1. John Pickard Essay Prize Winner: “Four Flowers and a Funeral” by Julie Wyman.
2. John Pickard Essay Prize Winner Runner Up: “Travel and Empire in Julia Margaret Cameron’s Botanical Photograms” by Molly K. Eckel.
3. “Paul Woodroffe: a Third Generation Pre-Raphaelite” by Simon Cooke.
4. Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize Winners:
First Prize: “The Noble Working Men: The Navvies” by Wendy Holborow.
Second Prize: “Frederick Sandys drawing clouds” by John Gallas.
Editor’s Commendation: “et Spiritus” by Maria Isakova Bennett.
Poet in Residence’s Commendation: “John Brett explains to his wife a day out with no drawing” by John Gallas.
5. Sarah Doyle, Poem: “Remains (After Edward Burne-Jones’ painting, Love among the Ruins, 1894)”.
6. Sarah Doyle, Poem: “A Bridesmaid’s Prayer”.
7. “Exhibition & Book Review Painting with Light: Art and Photography from the Pre-Raphaelites to the Modern Age by Carol Jacobi and Hope Kingsley” by Nic Peeters.
8. “Book Review The Street of Wonderful Possibilities: Whistler, Wilde & Sargent in Tite Street by Devon Cox” by Robert Finnigan.
9. “Book Review Sublime Symmetry: The Mathematics behind De Morgan’s Ceramic Designs by Sarah Hardy” by Simon Cooke.
10. “Book Review: Julia Margaret Cameron by Herself, Virginia Woolf and Roger Fry” by Jorge L. Contreras.
11. “Book Review ‘A New and Noble School’: Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelites
Ruskin’s Complete Writings on the Pre-Raphaelites by John Ruskin, Edited by Stephen Wildman” by Nic Peeters.
12. Meeting Notes.

PRS cover general
Vol. XXIV, No. 3, Autumn 2016 (Special Colour Issue)
  1. “A ‘Damned Proeraphaelite’? George du Maurier’s Ekphrastic Drawings for Good Words, Once a Week and The Cornhill (1860-65)” by Francoise Baillet.
  2. “Edward Burne-Jones’s The Planets: The Cartoon of Mars at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery” by Liana De Girolami Cheney.
  3. “’Images of Desire’: Twenty Sketches by Simeon Solomon (1868)” by Carolyn Conroy.
  4. “Symbolic Realism: Science and the Poetic in early Pre-Raphaelite Painting” by Lea Felicitas Doding.
  5. “James Smetham: Wesleyan Pre-Raphaelite” by Peter S. Forsaith.
  6. “”Her False Crafts”: Morgan Le Fay and the Wild Women of Sandys’s Imagination” by Sally‑Anne Huxtable.
  7. “Music & Memory: John Roddam Spencer Stanhope’s The Gentle Music of a Bygone Day and William Morris’s The Earthly Paradise” by Simon Poë.
  8. “The Problematic Art of Ilustrating ‘Moxon’s Tennyson’” by Heather Stevenson.

PRS cover general
Vol. XXIV, No. 2, Summer 2016
  1. “An Interview with The Goblin Market” by Lisa Dallape Matson.
  2. “The Pre-Raphaelite Madonna” by Mary Faraci.
  3. “Notes on the Lady – Correspondence between Paul Barlow & Theresia van der Meij” by Theresia van der Meij.
  4. “BMAG Residency” by Sevven Kucuk.
  5. “A beautiful corpse, as it were sleeping:” John William Waterhouses’s Awakening of Adonis and Bion’s ‘Lament for Adonis’” by Jennifer Bates Ehlert.
  6. “‘The Golden Stairs’ and ‘William De Morgan’s Blackbird Vase’” – poems by Sarah Doyle.
  7. “Book Review Pre-Raphaelites, Beauty and Rebellion by Christopher Newall” by Mark Jones.
  8. “Exhibition and Catalogue Review Julia Margaret Cameron: Photographs to electrify you with delight and startle the world, edited by Marta Weiss” by Madeleine Pearce.
  9. “Book Review Ophelia’s Muse by Rita Cameron” by Kirsty Stonell Walker.
  10. “Book Review Poetry in Beauty: The Pre-Raphaelite Art of Marie Spartali Stillman by Margaretta S. Frederick and Jan Marsh” by Nic Peeters.
  11. “Book Review Beauty’s Awakening: Drawings by the Pre-Raphaelites and Their Contemporaries from the Lanigan Collection” by Simon Spier.
  12. “Book Review Under The Cedar: The Lushingtons of Pyports by David Taylor” by Margaret English.
  13. “Book Review Wenlock Abbey 1857-1919: A Shropshire Country House and the Milnes Gaskell Family by Cynthia Gamble” by Stephen G. Maddison.
  14. Meeting Reports.
  15. “’In Wooded Dell’” – a poem by Thomas Knowles
  16. Notes and Queries.

PRS cover general
Vol. XXIV, No. 1, Spring 2016
  1. “‘All Equal Before God’? Christina Rossetti and the War of the Sexes” by Gerald Roberts.
  2. The John Pickard Essay Prize Winner for 2015 “Millais’s Muse” by Kevin Hill.
  3. The John Pickard Essay Prize Runner-up for 2015 “The Gardens in the Paintings of Waterhouse” by Diana Tarlindano.
  4. “Nocturne in Blue” poem by Sarah Doyle.
  5. The Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize Winner for 2015 “Winter’s Place” by Lavinia Singer.
  6. Announcement: The John Pickard Essay Prize 2016.
  7. Announcement: The Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize 2016
  8. Enchanted Dreams Student Writing Competition: Critical Writing Winner—Max Price.
  9. Enchanted Dreams Student Writing Competition: Creative Writing Winner—Helena Hoar.
  10. “Exhibition Review: The Enchanted Dreams of E. R. Hughes” by Hannah Comer.
  11. “Book Review Art & Soul: Victorians and the Gothic Exhibition Catalogue by Joanne Parker and Corinna Wagner” by Peter Wise.
  12. “Book Review A Visionary in the West: Albert Goodwin in Devon and Cornwall by Peter Wise” by Aileen Naylor.
  13. “Book Review The Poetics of Sight by John Harvey” by Jorge Contreras.
  14. “Book Review The Nazarenes: Romantic Avant-Garde and the Art of the Concept by Cordelia Grewe” by Nic Peeters.
  15. “Book Review Arts and Crafts Stained Glass by Peter Cormack” by Alison Robertson.
  16. “Book Review Visual Culture in Britain Special Issue: Visualizing Identities” by Mark Jones.
  17. Meeting Reports.
  18. Notes and Queries.

PRS cover general
Vol. XXIII, No. 3, Autumn 2015
  1. “‘Twofold silence as the Song of Love’: the application of Pater’s concept of Anders-streben, within his discourse of Aestheticism, to Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s The House of Life” by Azelina Flint.
  2. “Richard Doyle and John Everett Millais: Their Tempests Revisited” by Naoko Asano.
  3. “Reinventing Malory’s Le Morte Darthur: Conflicted Chivalry in the Early Prose of William Morris” by Ellen O’Brien.
  4. “‘Art is Promoted by a Cultivated Mind’ A Victorian Collector’s Thoughts on Pre-Raphaelitism” by Duncan Walker.
  5. “Unfinished” a poem by Sarah Doyle.
  6. Announcement: The John Pickard Essay Prize for 2015.
  7. Announcement: The Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize for 2015.
  8. “Book Review Sculpture Victorious Exhibition Catalogue by Martina Droth, Jason Edwards & Michael Hatt” by Stephen G. Maddison.
  9. “Book Review The Subject of a Portrait by John Harvey” by Jordan Kistler.
  10. “Book Review Those Wild Wyndhams: Three Sisters at the Heart of Power by Claudia Renton” by Helen Robinson.
  11. “Book Review The Many Faces and Voices of Angela Thirkell: A Literary Examination of the Brotherton Collection by Mary Faraci” by Mark Jones.
  12. “Book Review The People’s Galleries: Art Museums and Exhibitions in Britain, 1800-1914 by Giles Waterfield” by Madeleine Pearce.
  13. “Book Review Louisa Waterford and John Ruskin: ‘For you have not Falsely Praised’ by Caroline Ings-Chambers” by Nic Peeters.
  14. “Book Review The Correspondence of Dante Gabriel Rossetti 10, Index, Undated Letters and Bibliography” by Simon Cooke.
  15. “Book Review The Pre-Raphaelites and Italy Exhibition Catalogue by Colin Harrison and Christopher Newall” by Stephen G. Maddison.
  16. “Book Review Liberating Fashion: Aesthetic Dress in Victorian Portraits by Rhian Addison & Hilary Underwood” by Katja Robinson.
  17. “Book Review Samuel Palmer: Shadows on the Wall by Matthew Vaughan” by Mark Jones.
  18. “Book Review Bodies of Light by Sarah Moss” by Kirsty Stonell Walker.
  19. “William Morris” a poem by Edward Nudelman.
  20. Meeting Reports.
  21. Notes and Queries.

PRS cover general
Vol. XXIII, No. 2, Summer 2015
  1. “The Fall and Finale of Fanny Cornforth” by Kirsty Stonell Walker.
  2. “‘I Sleep, But My Heart Waketh’: Simeon Solomon and Walt Whitman” by Maho Sakoda.
  3. “The Yeats Sisters” by Eithne Cullen.
  4. “The Homecoming of Antogone” poem by Sarah Doyle.
  5. Announcement: The John Pickard Essay Prize for 2015.
  6. Announcement: The Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize for 2015.
  7. “Book Review Sleeping Beauties in Victorian Britain ed. by Béatrice Laurant” by Kirsty Stonell Walker.
  8. “Book Review The Lost Pre-Raphaelite: The Secret Life & Loves of Robert Bateman by Nigel Daly” by Jordan Kistler.
  9. “Book Review The Gardens at Brantwood: Evolution of John Ruskin’s Lakeland Paradise by David Ingram” by Lisa Dallape Matson.
  10. “Book Review Whistler: A Life for Art’s Sake by Daniel E. Sutherland” by Margaret English.
  11. “Book Review A Victorian Obsession: The Pérez Simón Collection at Leighton House Museum (exhibition catalogue)” by Amelia Yeates.
  12. Short Story: The Restorer by Charlotte Newman.
  13. “A visit to Christ Church, Southgate, London N14” by Sarah Doyle.
  14. Meeting Reports.
  15. Notes and Queries.

PRS cover general
Vol. XXIII, No. 1, Spring 2015
  1. John Pickard Essay Prize Winner: “Talking that Talk: negatively speaking” by Zaynub Zaman
  2. John Pickard Essay Prize Winner Runner Up: “Famous Men and Fair Women” by Tony Presland.
  3. Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize Winners:
    • First Place: “From the Memoir of Georgiana Burne-Jones” by Shelley Roche-Jacques.
    • Second Place: “The Question of Shalott” by Valerie Meachum.
    • Third Place: “Beautiful Garden” by Sally Flint.
    • Poet-in-Residence’s Commendation: “Beata Beatrix” by David Webb.
    • Editor’s Commendation: “Who Maketh His Angels Spirits” by Kay Buckely.
  4. “Book Review Art for the Nation by Susan Avery-Quash & Julie Sheldon” by Simon Cooke.
  5. “Book Review Ellen Terry: The Painter’s Actress by Veronica Franklin Gould & Keremi Gawade” by Katja Robinson.
  6. “Book Review Edward Burne-Jones’ Mythical Paintings: The Pygmalion of the Pre-Raphaelite Painters by Liana de Girolami Cheney” by Amelia Yeates.
  7. “Book Review William Morris: Words & Wisdom” by Nic Peeters.
  8. “Book Review Anarchy & Beauty: William Morris and His Legacy 1860-1960 Exhibition Catalogue by Fiona MacCarthy” by Stephen G. Maddison.
  9. “Book Reviews Women in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Arthurian Renditions (1854-1867) by Jose Maria Villar, and Obsession: Images of Jane Morris by Jan Marsh” by Nic Peeters.
  10. “Book Review A Curl of Copper and Pearl by Kirsty Stonell Walker” by Serena Trowbridge.
  11. “Exhibition Review A Victorian Obsession: The Perez Simon Collection at Leighton House” by Madeleine Pearce.
  12. Meeting Reports.
  13. Notes and Queries.

PRS cover general
Vol. XXII, No. 3, Autumn 2014
  1. “A Social Call ” by Mark Jones.
  2. “Hoylandswaine: the Legacy of the John Roddam Spencer Stanhope Mural ” by Simon Brock.
  3. “Interweavings: Tom Roberts and John Everett Millais ” by Peter Wise.
  4. “Is Chatterton Shelley? ” by Mike Hickox.
  5. “The Look of Love: Seduction, Masochism and Conflicted Souls ” by Zaynub Zaman.
  6. “Book Review Pre-Raphaelite Cats by Susan Herbert ” by Jorge Contreras.
  7. “Book Review The Pre-Raphaelite Seamstress by Amita Murray ” by Kirsty Stonell Walker.
  8. “Book Review Pre-Raphaelite Masculinities: Constructions of Masculinity in Art and Literature ed. Amelia Yeates and Serena Trowbridge ” by J.B. Bullen.
  9. “Book Review Ruskin’s Educational Ideals by Sara Atwood ” by Amelia Yeates.
  10. “Film Review Effie Gray Dir. Richard Laxton ” by Merryn Williams.
  11. “Impressions of Jane ” poem by Sarah Doyle.
  12. Meeting Reports.
  13. Notes and Queries.

PRS cover general
Vol. XXII, No. 2, Summer 2014
  1. “Fanny Eaton: The ‘Other’ Pre-Raphaelite Model” by Roberto C. Ferrari.
  2. “In Defence of Walter Deverell” by Verity Holloway.
  3. “Ford Madox Brown’s The Bromley Family: A New Interpretation” by Brian D’Olier.
  4. “Christina Rossetti: Anti-Pre-Raphaelite” by Daniel Hinds.
  5. “The Languages of Dante Gabriel Rossetti” by Raphael Rigal.
  6. “The Divided Heart”, a poem by Sarah Doyle.
  7. Announcements for The John Pickard Essay Prize 2014 & The Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize 2014.
  8. “Book Review The Girl in Green by Gillian Drake” by Katja Robinson.
  9. “Book Review The Pre-Raphaelite Language of Flowers by Debra N. Mancoff” by Simon Cooke.
  10. “Book Review Persistent Ruskin: Studies in Influence, Assimilation and Effected ed by Keith Hanley and Brian Maidment” by Margaret English.
  11. “Book Review John Brett: Pre-Raphaelite Landscape Painter by Christiana Payne” by Aileen Naylor.
  12. “Book Review John Ruskin: Artist and Observer” by Simon Cooke.
  13. “Book Review Pre-Raphaelite Treasures at National Museums Liverpool by Laura MacCulloch” by Amelia Yeates.
  14. “Book Review The Arts and Crafts Movement in Scotland: A History by Annette Carruthers” by Katja Robinson.
  15. “Book Review Christina Rossetti’s Gothic by Serena Trowbridge” by Gregory Tate.
  16. “Dreamfall”, a poem by Sarah Doyle.
  17. Meeting Reports.
  18. Notes and Queries.

PRS cover general
Vol. XXII, No. 1, Spring 2014
  1. “Edward Burne-Jones: The Reverse of Manliness” by Elizabeth Hill.
  2. “Two interesting illustrations by Millais for Tennyson’s St Agnes’ Eve” by Simon Cooke.
  3. “Maude Reading in Bed: Experiments in Whistler’s Art” by Jennifer Bates Ehlert.
  4. “Keeping the Pre-Raphaelite spirit alive: Laurence Housman and the art of bookmaking” by Audrey Doussot.
  5. Poetry Competition winners.
  6. Painting Competition winners.
  7. “Book Review The Pre-Raphaelite Trail in Dorset by Peter Wise” by Kirsty Stonell Walker.
  8. “Book Review A Marriage of Inconvenience by Robert Brownell” by Merryn Williams.
  9. “Exhibition Reviews: The Pre-Raphaelites and the Middlemores & Character, Landscape & Emotion: the continuing influence of the Pre-Raphaelites” by Ian Macsporran.
  10. “Theatre Review: Lizzie Siddal by Jeremy Green” by Madeleine Pearce.
  11. Meeting Reports.
  12. Notes and Queries.


Volumes XIX–XXI

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Dante Gabriel Rossetti Souvenir Ed
A Souvenir Issue to celebrate 25 years of the Pre‑Raphaelite Society
Vol. XXI, No. 3, Autumn 2013
  1. “Rossetti’s Women in the Victorian Novel” by Sophia Andres.
  2. “Rossetti and the Spirit World” by J. B. Bullen.
  3. “The Replication of Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Beata Beatrix – Demand and Desire” by Margaretta S. Frederick.
  4. “Suffer and be Still: A New Look at Rossetti’s Menagerie” by Jo George.
  5. “Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Science” by John Holmes.
  6. “Rossetti’s Obsession” by Jan Marsh.
  7. “On Viewing Rossetti’s Self-Portrait” by Sarah Doyle.

ARCHIVE_Vol XXI No 2 Summer 2013
Vol. XXI, No. 2, Summer 2013
  1. “‘A Dramatized Kind of Seeing’” by Deborah Freeman.
  2. “John Ruskin, Body and Soul” poem by Sarah Doyle.
  3. “Edward Burne‑Jones: The Occasional Soul” by Duncan Walker and Kirsty Stonell Walker.
  4. “Book Review A Pre‑Raphaelite Journey: The Art of Eleanor Fortescue‑Brickdale by Pamela Gerrish Nunn” by Verity Holloway.
  5. “Book Review Angels & Icons: Pre‑Raphaelite Stained Glass 1850–1870 by William Waters and Alastair Carew‑Cox” by Katja Robinson.
  6. “Sarah Eliza Hackett: Fresh research places her as the model for the novice in Convent Thoughts” by Susan Haines.
  7. John Pickard Essay Prize Runner‑Up “Pastoral Paradise Pipedream?” by Allen Ashley.
  8. “Victorian Avant‑Garde: Revisting the Pre‑Raphaelite Brotherhood” by Claire E. McGuire.
  9. “If Paint Were Love” poem by Sarah Doyle.
  10. “A Christina Rossetti letter in the Samuel Looker archive” by Serena Trowbridge.
  11. Meeting Reports.
  12. Notes and Queries.

ARCHIVE_Vol XXI No 1 Spring 2013
Vol. XXI, No. 1, Spring 2013
  1. “His Romancing Humour” by D.J. Snook.
  2. “Exhibition Report Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde, Tate Britain” by Serena Trowbridge.
  3. “Book Review Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Avant-Garde” by Katja Robinson.
  4. John Pickard Prize Winning Essay “Illustrating “Song”: Christina Rossetti and American Pre‑Raphaelite Edwin Austin Abbey” by Marianne Van Remoortel.
  5. “Book Review The Exhibitionists by Russell James” by Madeleine Pearce.
  6. “Emily Ford (1850-1930) and Her Font Paintings, All Souls’ Church, Leeds” by Janet Douglas.
  7. “Book Review Joanna, George and Henry: A Pre‑Raphaelite Tale of Art, Love and Friendship by Sue Bradbury” by Chloe Bradshaw.
  8. Pre‑Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize Winning Poems
    • First place: ‘This Serviceable Ghost’ by Deborah Harvey
    • Second place: ‘The Scapegoat’ by Janet Simon
    • Third place: ‘Evelyn and Aurora Triumphans’ by Camellia Stafford
    • Editor’s commendation: ‘Christina Responds Badly to Poetry Criticism’ by Emma Purshouse
    • Poet‑in‑Residence’s commendation: ‘Peacock and Dragon’ by Michael Sim.
  9. Pre‑Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize Announcement.
  10. Meeting and Visit Reports.
  11. Notes and Queries.

ARCHIVE_Vol XX No 3 Autumn 2012
Vol. XX, No. 3, Autumn 2012
  1. “Cultural Anxieties in Pre-Raphaelite “Significant” Vulgarisms” by Sophia Andres.
  2. “Book Review The Germ: Origins and Progenies of Pre-Raphaelite Interart Aesthetics by Paola Spinozzi and Elisa Bizzotto” by John Holmes.
  3. “Book Review The Collected Letters of Jane Morris edited by Jan Marsh and Frank C. Sharp” by Kirsty Stonell Walker.
  4. “Tragedy and the Peril of Words in Swinburne’s Atalanta in Calydon” by Alex Wong.
  5. “Exhibition Review Love and Death: Victorian Paintings from Tate” by Serena Trowbridge.
  6. “Romantic Image: Ireland’s Favourite Painting” by Marie Bourke.
  7. “Book Review John Everett Millais by Jason Rosenfeld” by Simon Cooke.
  8. Two Poems from Poet-In-Residence Sarah Doyle The Storm Spirits and How Pleasant to Know the Pre-Raphaelites.
  9. “Book Review Robin Ironside: Neo-Romantic Visionary by Peter Boughton, Virginia Ironside and Simon Martin“ by Simon Poë.
  10. “Book Review The Rossettis in Wonderland: A Victorian Family History by Dinah Roe” by Serena Trowbridge.
  11. Painting and Drawing Competition Announcement.
  12. Notes and Queries.

ARCHIVE_Vol XX No 2 Summer 2012
Vol. XX, No. 2, Summer 2012
  1. “Francesco Colonna ’ s Dream of Poliphilo and Edward Burne-Jones’s Love Among the Ruins: A paragone d’amore” by Liana De Girolami Cheney.
  2. Introducing the PRS Poet-in-Residence, Sarah Doyle.
  3. “A Sextet of Shadows” by Sarah Doyle.
  4. King Ahab ’ s Coveting by Thomas Matthews Rooke” by Duncan Walker.
  5. “Book Reviews An Artist’s Village: G.F. Watts and Mary Watts at Compton by Mark Bills; Watts Chapel: A Guide to the Symbols of Mary Watts’s Arts and Crafts Masterpiece by Mark Bills and Hope: The Life and Times of a Victorian Icon by Nicholas Tromans” by Nancy Langham.
  6. “Georgiana Burne-Jones: did marriage change her life?” by Katie Ryde.
  7. Meeting Reports.
  8. Notes and Queries.

ARCHIVE_Vol XX No 1 Spring 2012
Vol. XX, No. 1, Spring 2012
  1. “A Hidden Gem in Cumbria” by Margaret English.
  2. “A Rediscovered Edward Burne‑Jones Drawing” by Duncan Walker.
  3. The Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize Announcement.
  4. “Outsiders on the Inside: The Pre‑Raphaelites and the Mid-Victorian Gift Book” by Simon Cooke.
  5. The John Pickard Essay Prize Announcement.
  6. “Thomas Farrer and the Pre‑Raphaelite Movement in America” by Lawrence B. Siddall.
  7. “Book Reviews Aubrey Beardsley: a Biography by Matthew Sturgis & Aubrey Beardsley by Robert Ross” by Alexandra Tankard.
  8. “Book Review The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh” by Katja Robinson.
  9. Meeting Reports.

ARCHIVE_Vol XIX No 3 Autumn 2011
Vol. XIX, No. 3, Autumn 2011
  1. “Two Recent Books on Whistler and Wilde Mr Whistler’s “Ten O Clock” and Recollections of Oscar Wilde by Charles Ricketts” by Nazia Parveen.
  2. Pre‑Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize Winners.
  3. “Book Review Writing the Pre‑Raphaelites: Text, Context, Subtext edited by Michaela Giebelhausen and Tim Barringer” by Cristina Pascu‑Tulbure.
  4. Pre‑Raphaelite Places of Interest.
  5. “Some Thoughts on Ruskin, Pater, Morris and Rossetti” by Lisa Dallape Matson.
  6. “Book Reviews Effie: A Victorian Scandal by Merryn Williams” by Charlotte Clark and Margaret English.
  7. “Pyramids and Leaves: Ruskin’s Artistic Discourse” by Cristina Pascu-Tulbure.
  8. “Book Review The Pocket Guide to Victorian Artists & their Models by Russell James” by Katja Robinson.
  9. Meeting Reports.
  10. “Book Review Re‑Presentations of Dante Gabriel Rossetti by Lisa Dallape Matson” by Serena Trowbridge.
  11. “Book Review G.F. Watts: Victorian Visionary by Mark Bills and Barbara Bryant” by Eleanor Beyer.

ARCHIVE_Vol XIX No 2 Summer 2011
Vol. XIX, No. 2, Summer 2011
  1. The Blind Girl: Millais’s Spiritual Vision” by Jane Elia.
  2. “Book Review Rossetti: His Life and Works by Evelyn Waugh”, by Simon Poe.
  3. Runner-up essay for the John Pickard Prize – “Dante Gabriel Rossetti: Body and Soul” by George Brown.
  4. “Book Reviews The Pre-Raphaelites: A Critical Monologue Ford Madox Ford’s viewpoint; Desperate Romantics by Franny Moyle; Edward Burne-Jones – The Hidden Humorist by John Christian”, all by Eleanor Beyer.
  5. “Book Review Horae Amoris: The Collected Poems of Rosa Newmarch ed. by John Holmes and Natasha Distiller” by Serena Trowbridge.
  6. “Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Sudden Light” by Ian M. Emberson.
  7. Announcement of The John Pickard Essay Prize, 2012.
  8. “Exhibition Review: Photography and the Pre-Raphaelites staged at the Musee d’Orsay in Paris” by Nic Peeters.
  9. “Imagining the Geological Time: The Scapegoat by William Holman Hunt” by Alexis Drahos.
  10. “Book Review Acts of Memory: The Victorians and Beyond ed. By Ryan Barnett and Serena Trowbridge” by Lisa Dallape Matson.
  11. Meeting Reports.

ARCHIVE_Vol XIX No 1 Spring 2011
Vol. XIX, No. 1, Spring 2011
  1. “Works and Days: A Pre-Raphaelite Photography” by Jorge L. Contreras – an occasional survey of Pre‑Raphaelite and Victorian works recently bought, sold and displayed.
  2. “Book Review A.C. Swinburne and the Singing Word, ed. Yisrael Levin” – by Cristina Pascu-Tulbure.
  3. Winning Essay for the John Pickard Essay Prize, 2009
  4. Pre-Raphaelite Society Poetry Prize Announcement.
  5. “Book Review Walter Crane: The Arts and Crafts, Painting and Politics, 1875-1890 by Morna O’Neill ” by Kirsty Walker.
  6. “A Work that Merits Mention: Mrs. Kendrick Pyne (1882), Southport’s Madox Brown” by Anna Maddison
  7. “Book Review Linley Sambourne: Illustrator and Punch Cartoonist by Leonee Ormond” by Margaret English
  8. “Obituary: Tessa Sidey” by Victoria Osborne
  9. “Book Review Pre-Raphaelite Drawing by Colin Cruise” by Margaret Hale


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ARCHIVE_Vol XVIII No 3 Autumn 2010
Vol. XVIII, No. 3, Autumn 2010:
  1. “Lady with a Dove” by Charles Brett.
  2. “Book Review Painting the Sacred in the Age of Romanticism by Cordula Grewe” by Simon Poë.
  3. John Pickard Essay Prize Announcement.
  4. “John White Alexander’s Isabella and the Pot of Basil” by Liana Cheney.
  5. “Book Review The Death of King Arthur by Peter Ackroyd” by Simon Poë.
  6. “Book Review Ruskin on Venice by Robert Hewison” by Lucy Clark.
  7. “Ruskin’s Proserpina” by Cristina Pascu-Tulbure.
  8. “Speaking up for Charles Allston Collins” by Angela Richardson.
  9. “Book Review Artistic Circles: Design & Decoration in the Aesthetic Movement by Charlotte Gere” by Charlotte Clark.
  10. “Exhibition Review: The Pre‑Raphaelites and Italy” by Eleanor Beyer.

ARCHIVE_Vol XVIII No 2 Summer 2010
Vol. XVIII, No. 2, Summer 2010:
  1. “Affinity: Sarah Waters and Dante Gabriel Rossetti” by Simon Cooke
  2. “Book Review The Pre‑Raphaelite Trail in Kent  by Peter Wise” by Aileen Naylor
  3. “Exhibition Reviews: Burne‑Jones in Canada and Tiffany Glass by Simon Poë
  4. Runner Up Essay for the John Pickard Essay Prize, 2009 “Joseph Southall: A True Pre-Raphaelite?“ by Hannah Carroll
  5. “Book Review The Worlds of John Ruskin by Kevin Jackson” by Margaret English
  6. “Book Review The Crimson Bed by Loretta Proctor” by Serena Trowbridge
  7. “Three Quartets: the Rossettis, the Mendelssohns and the Brontës” by Ian Emberson
  8. “Book Review Millais: A sketch by M.H. Spielmann” by Margaret Hale
  9. “Book Review Representations of Hair in Victorian Literature and Culture by Galia Ofek” by Christina Pascu-Tulbure
  10. “Exhibition Review: Objects of Affection: Pre‑Raphaelite Portraits by John Brett  by Simon Poë
  11. “A Visit to the Restored Leighton House” by Serena Trowbridge

ARCHIVE_Vol XVIII No 1 Spring 2010
Vol. XVIII, No. 1, Spring 2010:
  1. “Brett and Birmingham” by Professor Ann Sumner
  2. “Book Review A History of Kelmscott House by Helen Elletson” by Barry Johnson
  3. Winning Essay for the John Pickard Essay Prize, 2009 “The Pre‑Raphaelite Lovejoy: Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Charles Augustus Howell, the eponymous ‘dodgy dealer’ ” by Anne Anderson
  4. “Exhibition Review Burne-Jones in Stuttgart” by Ian Macsporran
  5. “Book Review Frederic, Lord Leighton, 1830-1896: Painter and Sculptor of the Victorian Age by Michael Buhrs and Margot Th Brandlhuber” by Simon Poë
  6. “Book Review Victorian Photography, Painting and Poetry by Lindsay Smith” by Margaret English
  7. “Book Review Illustrating Camelot by Barbara Tepack Lupack” by Cristina Pascu-Tulbure
  8. “Christina Rossetti and the Victorian Aesthetic Market Place” by Sharon Worley
  9. “Review Essay Desperate Romantics on TV” by Amelia Yeates

ARCHIVE_Vol XVII No 3 Autumn 2009
Vol. XVII, No. 3, Autumn 2009:
  1. “Works and Days” by Jorge L. Contreras – an occasional survey of Pre‑Raphaelite and Victorian works recently bought, sold and displayed. Swinburne Among the Pre-Raphaelites
  2. “Friend or Foe? George du Maurier and the Pre-Raphaelites” by Stella‑Louise Halliwell
  3. “Book Review Desperate Romantics by Franny Moyle ” by Amelia Yeates
  4. “Pre-Raphaelite tendencies in the painting of The Hon. John Collier” by Katja Robinson
  5. “Exhibition Review Endless Forms: Charles Darwin, Natural Science and the Visual Arts ” by Nic Peeters

ARCHIVE_Vol XVII No 2 Summer 2009
Vol. XVII, No. 2, Summer 2009:
  1. “Vernon Lushington The Embodiment of Pre-Raphaelitism” by David Taylor
  2. “Exhibition Review Rossetti’s China: the origins of ‘Blue Mania’ in the 1860s (includes appendix) ” by Anne Anderson
  3. Runner-up essay in the John Pickard Essay Prize by Philip Rowson.
  4. “Catastrophism” by Alexis Drahos.
  5. “James Collinson’s For Sale and To Let: The Vulnerable Woman” by Nancy Langham.
  6. John Pickard Essay Prize Announcement.

ARCHIVE_Vol XVII No 1 Spring 2009
Vol. XVII, No. 1, Spring 2009:
  1. “Works and Days” by Jorge L. Contreras – an occasional survey of Pre‑Raphaelite and Victorian works recently bought, sold and displayed. Love and Ruins – Victorian Views of Pompeii
  2. “Thomas Buchanan Read: The First American Pre-Raphaelite?” by Chloe Nicholls.
  3. “Robert Braithwaite Martineau: Pre-Raphaelite Associate” by Amelia Yeates – the winner of the John Pickard Essay Prize for 2008.
  4. “The Pre-Raphaelites as Illustrators: Rossetti, Millais, Holman Hunt and the ‘Moxon Tennyson’” by Simon Cooke.
  5. “Pictures of Men at Work” by Margaret English.

ARCHIVE_Vol XVI No 2 Autumn 2008 –The Pre‑Raphaelite Brotherhood
Vol. XVI, No. 2, Autumn 2008 – “The Pre‑Raphaelite Brotherhood”:
  1. “Neo-Ancients, Neo-Victorians, Neo-Pre-Raphaelites: Graham Ovenden and the Brotherhood of Ruralists” by Anne Anderson.
  2. “Dante Gabriel Rossetti by George Frederick Watts” by Jan Marsh.
  3. “William Michael Rossetti and the Italian Connection” by Angela Thirlwell.
  4. “Druids and Sphinxes: Hunt’s visual worlds of threats and delights” by Paul Barlow.
  5. ““Two to make a Brotherhood”: F.G. Stephens, art criticism and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood” by Patricia de Montfort.
  6. “A Consummate Illustrator – John Everett Millais” by Paul Goldman.
  7. “James Collinson, 1825-1881” by Helen Newman
  8. “Thomas Woolner” by Benedict Read

ARCHIVE_Vol XVI No 1 Spring 2008
Vol. XVI, No. 1, Spring 2008:
  1. “Works and Days” by Jorge L. Contreras – an occasional survey of Pre‑Raphaelite and Victorian works recently bought, sold and displayed. William Morris’s Kelmscott Masterpieces
  2. “Works and Days” by Jorge L. Contreras – an occasional survey of Pre‑Raphaelite and Victorian works recently bought, sold and displayed.
  3. “Representations of Dante Gabriel Rossetti in the 1950s and 1960s” by Lisa Dallape Matson – this article discusses how Rossetti was portrayed as a character in three works of fiction, two novels and one made‑for‑television film which appeared in the 1950s and 1960s.
  4. The Winning Essay for the John Pickard Prize – “Hearing Millais” by Martin Dubois.
  5. “Elizabeth Siddall: Creator and Created” by Adele Uphaus – this article allows us to see how Lizzie was the product of a modern artistic vision and how she was “written” by her lover and his compatriots.

Volumes XIII–XV

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ARCHIVE_Vol XV No 3 Autumn 2007
Vol. XV, No. 3, Autumn 2007:
  1. “Works and Days” by Jorge L. Contreras – an occasional survey of Pre‑Raphaelite and Victorian works recently bought, sold and displayed. Crossing the Delaware: The Bancroft Collection
    Returns Home
  2. “‘A Weird Attraction:’ Wilkie Collins, M.E. Braddon and the Influence of Pre‑Raphaelite Aesthetic” – Simon Cooke’s article explores the literary and artistic themes prevalent in the novels of these ‘Sensationalist’ writers.
  3. “Seeing the Present and the Future in the Past” by Sopia Andres – an interesting interdisciplinary analysis of the gendered hierarchies of Pre‑Raphaelitism.
  4. “A Distasteful Occupation” by Kath Fryer – research into two paintings by G.F. Watts, now owned by the L’Estrange family from Norfolk.

ARCHIVE_Vol XV No 2 Summer 2007
Vol. XV, No. 2, Summer 2007:
  1. “Works and Days” by Jorge L. Contreras – an occasional survey of Pre‑Raphaelite and Victorian works recently bought, sold and displayed. Christopher Wood’s Very Victorian Eye
  2. “Writing the Pre‑Raphaelite Body” by Matteo Fabbris – an analysis of the depiction of hands in Pre‑Raphaelite art
  3. “I have been here before” by Maurice Varney – an account of how Maurice became interested in Pre‑Raphaelite art.
  4. “Rossetti and Poe” by Elisabeth Lee – Runner-Up in the John Pickard Essay Prize competition – on how the writing of Poe influenced Rossetti’s art.
  5. “Uncovering Venus” by Kirsty Stonell Walker – a report on the cleaning of the Rossetti painting Venus Verticordia from Bournemouth, and what subsequent X-rays have revealed

ARCHIVE_Vol XV No 1 Spring 2007
Vol. XV, No. 1, Spring 2007:
  1. “Works and Days” by Jorge L. Contreras – an occasional survey of Pre‑Raphaelite and Victorian works recently bought, sold and displayed. British Art Week and the Birmingham School
  2. “Lady Pauline Trevelyan as Patron of William Bell Scott’s Iron and Coal” by Margaret English – winner of the John Pickard Essay Prize for 2006.
  3. Review of ‘Art and Forbidden Fruit

ARCHIVE_Vol XIV No 3 Autumn 2006
Vol. XIV, No. 3, Autumn 2006:
  1. “William Morris, The Kelmscott Press and its Typography” by Stephen Maddison – the article focuses on the typography of the Press, and how Morris successfully combined typography with illustrative ornamentation.
  2. Guide to Pre‑Raphaelitism in Cheshire compiled by Stella Blazier.
  3. “‘Brotherly Hands’: Dante Rossetti’s artwork for his sister Christina” by Simon Cooke – examines the illustrations and bindings designed by Dante for his sister and the productive collaboration which resulted.
  4. John Pickard Essay Prize Announcement.

ARCHIVE_Vol XIV No 2 Summer 2006
Vol. XIV, No. 2, Summer 2006:
  1. “Postman’s Park” by Stella Blazier, which details a little-known and rather tragic spot in London.
  2. Runner-up essay in the John Pickard Essay Prize by Margaret English.
  3. Guide to Pre‑Raphaelitism in Warwickshire compiled by Stella Blazier.
  4. “William Holman Hunt and Fanny Holman Hunt: A Tragedy in Florence” – taken from a lecture given in Florence by our Chairman – Patricia O’Connor.
  5. John Pickard Essay Prize Announcement.

ARCHIVE_Vol XIV No 1 Spring 2006
Vol. XIV, No. 1, Spring 2006:
  1. “‘Clear Vision and Waking Dream’: the Reverend Francis Kilvert and the influence of Pre‑Raphaelitism” by Simon Cooke.
  2. Music Review: Vaughan Williams’ Willow-Wood by Ian MacSporran.
  3. “Our English Coasts” by Marek Zasempa.
  4. Guide to Pre‑Raphaelitism in Staffordshire compiled by Stella Blazier.
  5. “The “Best” of the Brethren” by Jorge Contreras – the winning essay for the John Pickard Essay Prize.

ARCHIVE_Vol XIII No 3 Autumn 2005
Vol. XIII, No. 3, Autumn 2005:
  1. Arthur Hughes’s “April Love” by Simon Cooke.
  2. Ruskin & Architecture reviewed by Roy Trowbridge.
  3. “When she was Found, was she Forgiven?” by Kirsty Stonell Walker.
  4. Burne-Jones’s “Hidden Treasure” by Nic Peeters.
  5. “Rossetti’s Watercolours: Materials and Technique” by Fiona Mann

ARCHIVE_Vol XIII No 2 Summer 2005
Vol. XIII, No. 2, Summer 2005:
  1. “J.W. Waterhouse: The Soul of a Rose and The Necklace: A Study” by Marcia Abcarian.
  2. “Angel of Death: Re-reading A Dream of the Past: Sir Isumbras at the Ford” by Kirsty Stonell Walker.
  3. The Quest and the Birmingham School of Art” by Serena Trowbridge.
  4. “The Earthly Paradise” a theatre review by Hazel Riggall.
  5. “Musings on a Muse – An appraisal of the artist Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal” by Conny Bailey.
  6. Various book reviews.

ARCHIVE_Vol XIII No 1 Spring 2005
Vol. XIII, No. 1, Spring 2005:
  1. “William Shakespeare’s Plays and Pre‑Raphaelite Painting” by Marta Maria Canapa.
  2. Interview with writer Joanne Harris.
  3. Prosperine – by Dante Gabriel Rossetti” – an appreciation by Stephen Maddison.
  4. Various book reviews.

Volumes X–XII

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Vol. XII, No. 3, Autumn 2004:
  1. “Dreamers Awake!” Describes the influence that Oxford had on the careers of William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones, by Bridget Duckenfield.
  2. “William Holman Hunt and The Light of the World” by Helen Newman. Discusses the enduring appeal that Holman Hunt’s picture has had on Pre-Raphaelite enthusiasts and also, on those who have little interest in art.
  3. “Magdalen and Madonna: The Union of Physical and Spiritual Love in Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s Lady Lileth and Sibylla Palmifera” by Maria Emmons. Compares how the two works employ the Victorian stereotype of woman as Magdalen or Madonna.
  4. “The Long Engagement”. A short poem by Iris Graham.
  5. “‘I Giardini delle Regine’ (Of Queens’ Gardens): The Myth of Florence in the Pre-Raphaelite Milieu and in American Culture (19th–20th Centuries)”. A review of the exhibition held in 2004 devoted to the relationship of the Pre-Raphaelites to Florence, by Ian and Sue Macsporran.

ARCHIVE_Vol XII No 2 Summer 2004
Vol. XII, No. 2, Summer 2004:
  1. “John Brett and His Patrons” by Charles Brett. Details the numerous patrons who supported the artist throughout his career.
  2. “Rebecca Solomon, Pre-Raphaelite Sister” by Roberto Ferrari. An analysis of the life and work of the Victorian artist

Vol. XII, No. 1, Spring 2004:
  1. “John Keats and the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood” by Maximilian Hardy. This article seeks to establish the influence Keats had on the P.R.B. and how, in turn, the movements artists interpreted his poetry.
  2. “St. Paul’s-Within-the-Walls” by Barbara Houlton. Description of a visit to view Burne-Jones’s masterpiece, located in Rome.
    1. “John Brett in Sicily” by Gillian Kemp. How the artist made a worthwhile contribution to astronomy through the medium of art.

      ARCHIVE_Vol XI No 2 Autumn 2003 – John Everett Millais 1829–1896 ONE
      ARCHIVE_Vol XI No 2 Autumn 2003 – John Everett Millais 1829–1896 TWO


Vol. XI, No. 2, Autumn 2003 – “John Everett Millais: 1829–1896”

At 64 pages and with 14 illustrations (six colour and in eight black and white), this edition represents a fitting tribute to Millais’s undoubted skill as painter.

  1. “From Prodigy to President – John Everett Millais and the Royal Academy” by Annette Wickham.
  2. “John Everett Millais, William Michael Rossetti and the Bird’s Nest” by Angela Thirlwell.
  3. “Scent and Sensibility: An Appreciation of Millais’s Autumn Leaves” by Nic Peeters.
  4. “Discursive and Figural: Millais’s Mariana as a Pre-Raphaelite Painting” by Karly Schobothe
  5. “Ghosts and Whistler and Millais” by Paul Barlow.

ARCHIVE_Vol XI No 1 Summer 2003
Vol. XI, No.1, Summer 2003:
  1. “Reading Poetry: An overlooked painting by Simeon Solomon” by Colin Cruise. Discussion of the little known work owned by the Grosvenor Museum in Chester.
  2. “John Brett and Aurora Leigh” by Charles Brett. How the celebrated poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning came to influence the artist

Vol. X, No.3, Autumn 2002:
  1. “A Short Note on the Recent Identification of a Pastel of Fanny Cornforth” by Kirsty Stonell. Discusses the history of the pastel owned by The Fogg Art Gallery, Harvard, U.S.A.
  2. “The Sad, Short Life of Elizabeth Siddal, Pre-Raphaelite Model and Artist” by Lawrence B. Siddall. A review of the life of the artist and model.
  3. “San Fransisco Meets Chelsea: Joachim Miller’s Dinner with the Pre-Raphalites” by Tim McGee. How the American frontier poet became acquainted with the Pre-Raphaelites.

Vol. X, No.2, Summer 2002:
  1. “Charles Dickens and The Pre-Raphaelites” by Thomas J. Tobin. The story of Dickens’s relation to the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.
  2. “Pre-Raphaeladies” by Nic Peeters. Looks at the work of women artists in the Pre-Raphaelite Movement.

ARCHIVE_Vol X No1 Spring 2002
Vol. X, No.1, Spring 2002:
  1. “Weaving by Night and Day: Entrapment in The Lady of Shalott” by Emily Bernhard Jackson. Discusses various illustrations inspired by Tennyson’s poem.
  2. “Inner Lives and Outer Worlds: Blake and Pre-Raphaelitism” by Serena Trowbridge. Deals with William Blake’s influence over the Pre-Raphaelites.
  3. “How to Make a Modern Pre-Raphaelite Poem” by Tim McGee.
  4. “The Dudley Gallery 1865-1882: The Principal Forum for the Early Aesthetic Movement” by Dennis Lanigan.
  5. “How the Brontes of Haworth, and Foot and Mouth led to a Pre-Raphaelite adventure” by Helen Newman.

Volumes VII–IX

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ARCHIVE_Vol IX No 3 Winter 20012
Vol. IX, No.3, Winter 2001/2:
  1. ”Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichon – Was She… or Wasn’t She A Pre-Raphaelite?” by Kath Fryer.
  2. “Simeon Solomon: Androgynous Mystic” by Nic Peeters. Deals particularly with three paintings: Heliogabalus, High Priest of the Sun (1866); Carrying the Scroll of the Law (1867; illustrated here); and Bacchus (1867).
  3. “Sir Edward Burne-Jones, Bt.” by his son, Philip Burne-Jones. First published in 1917, this brief memoir is divided into two parts: “The Man” and “The Artist.”
  4. “The Oxford Circle: Rossetti, Burne-Jones and William Morris” by Val C. Prinsep. Prinsep’s reminiscences originally appeared in five parts, in The Magazine of Art, during the year of his death, 1904. What appears here is the second part only (which occupies pp. 167-72 of Vol. II, New Series, of theMagazine); but it is prefaced by Prinsep’s entry inthe Dictionary of National Biography.

Vol. IX, No.2, Early Autumn 2001:
  1. “Tennyson and the Pre-Raphaelites” by Marie-Therese H. Russell. The author examines in particular Millais’s painting, Mariana (1851); Rossetti’s painting of the same name (1870) illustrated here; and Hunt’s The Lady of Shalott (1886–1905).
  2. “La Belle Dame – Pitiless or Pitiful?” by Emily Bernhard-Jackson. A study of J.W. Waterhouse’s La Belle Dame Sans Merci (1893), illustrated here.
  3. “Religious and Cultural Challenges from Early Pre-Raphaelite Paintings” by Thomas J. Tobin.

ARCHIVE_Vol IX No1 Spring 2001
Vol. IX, No.1, Spring 2001:
  1. “John Brett’s The Glacier of Rosenlaui – a Victorian Doubt Picture?” by Mike Hickox. The author argues that this picture of 1865 should be seen as “a symbolic religious landscape… and also as a mid-Victorian Doubt picture attempting to reconcile the truths of science and revealed religion.”
  2. “William Blackmore, Patron of Dante Gabriel Rossetti” by Philip McEvansoneya. Blackmore was a British businessman with strong interests in the American West and its Indians. This paper brings out his little-known role as an art collector.
  3. “Critical Responses to Two Kinds of Pre-Raphaelite Poetry” by Thomas J. Tobin. The types of poetry examined here are described as “Didactic” and “Nostalgic”, with four poems considered in each category. The criticisms are largely contemporary.
  4. “Pre-Raphaelite Dreamers at Oxford” by Bridget Duckenfield. The “dreamers” were looking ahead, from the 1850s, to changes at Oxford and Cambridge colleges, especially to the rule that Fellows had to remain unmarried.

ARCHIVE_Vol VIII No 3 Autumn 2000
Vol. VIII, No.3, Autumn 2000:
  1. “A History of Ideals: The PRB and The Germ” by Serena Trowbridge.
  2. “James Collinson and the Little Sisters of the Poor” by Helen D. Newman. The Little Sisters are a charitable order and two of Collinson’s paintings depict scenes in their homes.
  3. “‘For Sale’ and ‘To Let’: Symbolism in James Collinson’s Paintings” by Valerie A. Cox. Both paintings are illustrated.
  4. “Pre-Raphaelite Posthumous Portraits” by Kirsty Stonell. Examines Hunt’s Isabella and the Pot of Basil and Rossetti’s Beata Beatrix, in relation to the death of Fanny Hunt and Elizabeth Siddal.
  5. “Obituary “ Anthony Hobson.” By his daughter, Sarah Hobson.

ARCHIVE_John Ruskin 1819–1900 Vol VIII Nos 1 2 Spring & Summer 2000
John Ruskin 1819–1900 (Vol.VIII, Nos. 1 & 2, Spring & Summer 2000):

This publication has 10 illustrations, 7 (including the covers) in full colour.

  1. “John Ruskin: A Brief Summary of his Life” by P.A. Fisher.
  2. “The Symbiotic Relationship between Ruskin and Turner” by Mathew Potter.
  3. “John Ruskin’s Defence of Pre-Raphaelitism in the London Times” by Thomas Tobin.
  4. “Ruskin’s Influence on Burne-Jones” by David N. Cule.
  5. “Mr Ruskin Came to Tea: The Founding of the Guild of St. George” by Roy Hartnell.
  6. “Essential Ruskin.” Some passages from his work compiled by P.A. Fisher.
  7. “The John Ruskin Memorial Celebration at Coniston on 20th. January 2000” by Lyle Eveille.
  8. “A Short Ruskin Book List” by Celia Potts.
  9. “Turner, Ruskin and the Pre-Raphaelites.” A Review of the Tate Britain Exhibition by Donato Esposito.
  10. “A Painting Lesson by Ruskin” by Moira Garland. A letter from Ruskin to the contributor’s mother, with a facsimile reproduction.

Vol. VII, No.3, Autumn 1999:
  1. “Fanny and the Paradox of Found” by Kirsty Stonell. Concerns Rossetti’s unfinished painting, Found, and Fanny Cornforth.
  2. “Sir Philip Burne-Jones: A Life in a Tall Shadow” by Tim McGee. A biographical sketch and consideration of his art (the “tall shadow” being, of course, his father).

ARCHIVE_Vol VII No 2 Summer 1999
Vol. VII, No.2, Summer 1999:
  1. “Edward Burne-Jones’s The Golden Stairs and His Master’s Voice by Bridget Duckenfield. Contains considerable information about the life of Sir Landon Ronald, musical advisor to the Gramophone Company.
  2. Exceedingly Mischevious Women” by Sally Hoban. A study of the “Femme Fatale” in Art, the title being a quotation from Burne-Jones.

Vol. VII, No.1, Spring 1999:
  1. “Arthur Hughes: A Brief Summary of his Life and Work” by Iris Graham.
  2. “Christina Rossetti’s Coast Nightmare: A Note” by Jan Marsh. The poem examined here was written in 1857 but was not published in full until 1990.
  3. “Millais’s Later Work: The Decline or Evolution of an Artist?” by Paul Barlow. The author concludes that the “frequently repeated condemnation” of Millais’s later work is “deeply unfair”.

Volumes IV–VI

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ARCHIVE_Edward Burne-Jones 1833–1898Vol VI Nos 2 3 Summer & Autumn 1998
Edward Burne-Jones: 1833–1898. (Vol.VI, Nos. 2 & 3, Summer & Autumn 1998):

This publication has both inside and outside covers in full colour.

  1. “Edward Burne-Jones: An Address given at the Service of Commemoration in Birmingham Cathedral, 19th June 1998” by John Christian.
  2. “Obituaries of Edward Burne-Jones”. From The Times for 22 & 23 June 1898. Accompanied by Swinburne’s Memorial Poem.
  3. “The vision of Woman in The Golden Stairs” by Mary Gilhooly.
  4. “Burne-Jones and the Design of the Holy Grail Tapestry Series” by Donato Esposito.
  5. “Miss Wilkes’ Windows” by Joe Hunt. Emma Chadwick Villiers Wilkes was the wealthy Birmingham lady who in 1886 commissioned the Burne-Jones windows for the Cathedral. This paper prints correspondence (in private hands) and is essentially a history of the design and construction of the windows.
  6. “Living with the Burne-Jones Glass in Birmingham Cathedral” by the Provost, The Very Revd. Peter Berry.
  7. “A Reader’s Guide to Burne-Jones” by Ann S. Dean. A descriptive bibliography.
  8. “Edward Burne-Jones: A Chronology” by Roy Hartnell.

Vol.VI, No.1, Spring 1998:
  1. “Sexual Taboos, Catholic Views and Critical Reviews: The Unspoken Words about two Pre-Raphaelite Paintings” by Thomas J. Tobin. This paper considers contemporary critical reaction to Rossetti’s Girlhood of Mary Virgin and Hunt’s Awakening Conscience.”
  2. “John Brett’s Lady with a Dove” by Mike Hickox. The writer says that this painting of 1864 “is the most enigmatic of all John Brett’s pictures.”
  3. “Cliffe Castle Museum, Keighley” by Paul Hardwick.
  4. “Restoration at Buscot Park” by June E. Taylor. Based on a report in The Times for 13 April 1998. Buscot houses Burne-Jones’s Briar Rose series.

Vol.V, No.3, Autumn 1997:
  1. “William Holman Hunt: From Art to Literature” by Gill Stoker. Deals mainly with the influence of Hunt’s reading on his work as an artist.
  2. “Note of a Swinburne Biographer on the Algernon Crusade” by Ricky Rooksby. A survey of previous biographies of Swinburne, with remarks by Rooksby about his own approach to Swinburne’s life.

Vol.V, No.2, Summer 1997:
  1. “The Mystery of the Three Stonebreakers” by Mike Hickox. Supplements the paper which appears in the issue for Spring 1995.
  2. “The Pre-Raphaelites in Ireland” by Philip McEvansoneya. Concerns both Pre-Raphaelite work and artists in Ireland.
  3. “In search of the Background to Millais’ Ophelia” by Barbara C.L. Webb. “Background”, in this sense, means the actual scene of the painting.

Vol.V, No.1, Spring 1997:
  1. “The Perseus’ Cartoons” by Dean Horton. This concerns the unfinished work which A.J. Balfour commissioned from Burne-Jones in 1875.
  2. “William Fulford Revisited” by Roger Simpson. This supplements the paper which appears in The Review for Autumn 1993.
  3. “Christina Rossetti and Blackwoods by Jan Marsh.

ARCHIVE_Vol IV No 3 Autumn 1996
Vol.IV, No.3, Autumn 1996:
  1. “The Works of James Collinson (1825–1881)” by Valerie A. Cox. A companion paper to the one which appears in the issue for Autumn 1995.
  2. “William Morris Revisited: Questioning the Legacy” The author, Jennifer Harris, was Curator of the exhibition with this title.
  3. “The Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Bournemouth” by Mark Bills.

Vol.IV, No.2, Summer 1996:

  1. “Leighton and the Pre-Raphaelites” by Leonee Ormond.
  2. “From Word to Icon: The Advent of Visuality” by Thomas J. Tobin. Deals largely with the contemporary critical reaction to the P.R.B.’s work.
  3. “Tullie House Art Gallery, Carlisle” by Judith Stevenson.

ARCHIVE_Vol IV No 1 Spring 1996
Vol.IV, No.1, Spring 1996:
  1. “Re-thinking the Legend: Georgiana Burne-Jones and William Morris” by Isabelle Williams.
  2. “John Brett’s Portraits” by Mike Hickox.
  3. “More Light on the Royal Academy’s Rejection of Brett’s Florence” by Philip McEvansoneya.

Volumes I–III

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Vol.III, No.3, Autumn 1995:
  1. “The Life of James Collinson (1825–1881)” by Valerie A. Cox.
  2. “John Brett and Christina Rossetti: An Assessment” by Mike Hickox.
  3. “Christina and Gabriele Rossetti.” A letter from Henry Campbell.

Vol.III, No.2, Summer 1995:
  1. “Sir John Tenniel and the Pre-Raphaelites” by Gill Stoker.
  2. Called at the Rossetti’s”, ed. by Barry C. Johnson. Part II: September 1903–February 1919. Concluded.

Vol.III, No.1, Spring 1995:
  1. “John Brett’s The Stonebreaker” by Mike Hickox.
  2. “The Royal Academy’s Rejection of Brett’s Florence” by Mike Hickox.
  3. “The Rossetti Ladies: Mrs. Imogen Dennis, 1904–1993” by Helen Guglielmini and Barry C. Johnson; and “Lucy Margaret O’Conor (nee Rossetti), 1906–1994” by Roderic O’Conor. Obituaries.
  4. “A Visit to Stuttgart’s Staatsgalerie” by Joyce Lambert.

ARCHIVE_Vol II No 3 Autumn 1994
Vol.II, No.3, Autumn 1994:
  1. “Christina Rossetti: A Personal Choice (of her poetry)” by June E. Taylor.
  2. “A Pre-Raphaelite Book List” compiled by Patricia A. O’Connor.
  3. Windycroft: An Arts and Crafts House”. History by Victoria Williams; Description by Barry C. Johnson. Windycroft is in Hastings.
  4. A Vision rather than a Dream” by Paul Hardwick. Part 2. Concludes this paper.

Vol. II, No.2, Summer 1994:
  1. Vision rather than a Dream: The Progressive Medievalism of William Morris” by Paul Hardwick. Part 1.
  2. “A Debt to Discipline” by June E. Taylor. On Ruskin’s youth.
  3. “Her Obedient Bapapa” by June E. Taylor. On Burne-Jones and his granddaughter, Angela Thirkell.

ARCHIVE_Vol II No 1 Spring 1994 Special Rossetti Issue
Vol.II, No.1, Spring 1994. “Special Rossetti Issue”:
  1. “Pre-Raphaelite Pleasures: The Search for the Real Rossetti” by Alicia Craig Faxon.
  2. “The Craft of a Painter-Poet: A Critical Survey of Rossetti’s Form and Technique” by Isabelle Williams. On “the correspondence between Rossetti’s painting and poetry.”
  3. “Called at the Rossettis’: Unpublished passages from the Diary of their friend, Olive Garnett, 1899–1919.” With notes and an introduction by Barry C. Johnson. Part 1: July 1899–June 1903.

Vol.I, No.3, Autumn 1993:
  1. “William Fulford: A Biographical Sketch” by Roger Simpson. Believed to be the fullest account of this Pre-Raphaelite poet.
  2. “Ruskin and Art Education: 1836–1992” by Stephen Farthing. This paper deals mainly with the Ruskin School of Drawing at Oxford, of which its author was Master.
  3. “Diana Holman Hunt: 1913–1993”. An obituary, with a survey of her writings, by Barry C. Johnson.

Vol.I, No.2, Summer 1993:
  1. “The Pre-Raphaelite Connection with Penkill” by Audrey Hickey. Contains considerable information about William Bell Scott and Alice Boyd.
  2. “Thomas and Martha Combe: Patrons of the Pre-Raphaelites” by John Whiteley. Mainly biographical.

ARCHIVE_Vol I No 1 Spring 1993
Vol.I, No.1, Spring 1993:
  1. “Day Dream” by Julia Ionides. This paper recounts the history of “one of Rossetti’s last major oil paintings”.
  2. “Pre-Raphaelites and Associates in Canadian Public Collections” by Dennis T. Lanigan. Twelve galleries and museums are listed in this article.

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